High Sierra 03 – Mac Server

Earlier this month Apple announced it would be scaling back some of the features and services offered by the Mac Server. I am creating a standard Mac Mini Server Image. This will be useful in getting a Mac Mini Server running within an hour of going down. Honestly I think you can get it up and running in 30 minutes because the Thunderbolt Imaging Process is so fast. Lats time I did this Mini’s were imaged before I could open and unbox another Mac Mini.

Below is the process in great detail. I will be including IP address and passwords so you can see real world application of a Mac Server and none of this will be “theoretical.”

I hate when I watch tutorials and explanations and they tell you how it “could go” or how it can be “set up.” I hate this. Because often times, it is in those very moments that you end up missing some vital information that ends up ruining the rest of the process.

I wish I had an actual X-Server to use but Apple stopped making those sweet machines. One time I had a power supply fail and I hot swapped it. I didn’t even have to restart the server.

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