180206 TUE ENJF: Progress Blog

180206 TUE ENJF: Progress Blog

There is a lot to learn and I need a good way to keep all the new things I learn organized.

As important as learning is for an ENFJ like myself, being able to give back is just as important. Feels natural to give back by teaching what I have learned. This also helps me retain what I have learned.

I want to introduce my nephews to all forms industries so I will start with Information Technology. To lay a foundation they can build on I am creating this blog. Maybe one day I can add them as administrators and writers of their own articles and studies. I’ll start a few projects and teach them what I know so then can continue to build for themselves.

The first ingredient is this journal.

Learning how to build and keep your own online journal is a good way to stay motivated and a great excuse to really learn about computers and can be a gateway other subjects of interest.

1 – Start a free online blog, which is just a website used to track progress of personal projects and to serve as a personal knowledge base.

2 – Learn how computers create, organize information and store data.

3 – Learn how to share that information to help yourself as well as others over various networks.

I am going to build and maintain blogs on both Google’s platform and WordPress’s platform. This will help me note the difference and similarities between the two.

The ENFJ Project is a collection of information I am gathering regarding other ENFJ Myers Briggs types like myself in a pursuit of improvement.



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