180208 THU MAC – Updates

180208 TUE MAC: Beta Updates. My daily iPhonex dump fails. Something that takes 10 minutes might turn into an hour. Image Capture would not see the images on my phone. I usually download them and sort them so I can remember what happened just in case I need to recall some details. I can, but don’t want to skip over this. I could just use Airdrop but I want to know why this isn’t working. Better yet, hot to fix this.

Step 1: Cables
I swapped out our cables to make sure it wasn’t 3rd party hardware. Sometimes unofficial hardware like cheap cables can slow me down.

Step 2: Restart
I didn’t do much yet this morning but make a quick beat. No reason for the download to fail.

Step 3: Updates
So I discover the update and run it. This is a new 13.3.4 beta. It took about an hour to install.

Step 4: It took about an hour. But then I was able to download the pictures and continue with my routines.

Here I couldn’t see the images on my phone. I don’t think this is a glitch so much as a feature having to do with syncing via iCloud.

Then I checked to see if I had any updates to run and I did.

And now I can see the phone images. I think when an update is needed, Apple throttles iCloud performance to poke you into action and update. Pretty smart move. Kinda annoying so I think all I can do is run updates every night to avoid downtime.

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