Why Linux?

170228 TUE: Why Linux

I want to introduce my nephews to technology.

I want to lay a foundation they can build on. So I am starting as though they know nothing to have them end with a project that I think can encompass anything and everything they start working on. The best solution for that I think is a personal online journal tracking their progress.

Learning how to build and keep your own online journal is a good excuse to really understand a computer. This project will cover a basic Linux computer operating systems by taking an observer through a few stages as follows:

1 – Start a free online blog, which is just a website used to track progress of personal projects. Like a personal knowledge base.

2 – Learn how computers create and store information and data

3 – Learn how computers share information and data

4 – Learn how to share that information to help yourself as well as others

Linux is free and so basic that I feel it is the best place to start. Concepts picked up in Linux can carry over to Macs and Windows computers pretty well in my opinion.

Linux will also come in handy because it will be the Operating System Platform we use for other projects like programming Raspberry Pi Chips. Basically… when you want to build a unique and special project like a complicated Cosplay Costume or maybe build a few cool automated tools like solar powered air conditioners to cool your storage units, Linux is going to come in really handy.

For years I had been toying around with the idea of building a nice Arcade Cabinet. Well, we have finally arrived at a point where making a working arcade cabinet is actually pretty dang cheap and pretty dang easy. I am going to help my nephews build their first custom arcade cabinet.

Click here to see the first step!

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